How to Make Cannabutter in a Mason Jar

There are over a dozen different methods for making canna-butter on the internet, some decarb the weed in the oven, others use a crockpot to cook their butter, while a few others just throw everything into one pot with water and strain it all out later.  

So why use this method for making cannabutter? This method is low maintenance, it’s simple, has the least amount of smell and mess, and it decarbs the cannabis flowers as it infuses with the butter, without burning the plant material. It’s as close to a set it and forget it butter machine as you can get.

How to Make Cannabutter in a Mason Jar

PRO Tip for Vegans: You can also use this method for infusing other oils like coconut oil, olive oil, etc. Just pay attention to the oil’s burning point.

How to Make Cannabutter in a Mason Jar

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1. Preparation I like to have all of my active ingredients laid out in my work area from the beginning. In French cooking areas this is called “mise en place”, or putting in place. I always find doing this action permits me to keep a clean and sanitary work area, and it ends up saving time in the long term.

Butter, pre-infusion. Put the decarbed cannabis into the mason container. Then, put the liquid butter over the cannabis, afix the lid of the container, and tighten up.

In a deep pot filled with hot water, begin your immersion circulator at 160 degrees F. If you are utilizing a water bath approach use your instant read thermometer to get a temperature level reading in your slow cooker or in the oven. Keep in mind, a lot of oven temperature levels are wildly inaccurate and can differ in various areas in your oven. (I have a thermometer that lives in my oven due to the fact that I have trust issues.).

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Over a saucepan location a great mesh sieve with cheese clothing or a micron filter. I actually like the MagicalButter Micron bag,

On a sheet pan, set out some silicone molds. I like these ones as they hold about 20 millilitres of liquid, so it’s a very good vessel for 15-milligram portions.

2. Infusion.
Light a joint, put on a playlist (see below), find a comfortable chair, dance around your kitchen, do whatever you desire, but every 20 minutes, inspect your thermometer and ensure that your infusion is hanging out somewhere around 160 degrees. You can also thoroughly flip the container to make sure the plant matter is getting completely submerged in butter. Do not shake the containers! I repeat, keep inspecting your temperature level, but likewise delight in the two hours of very little work.

3. Fining and filtering.
When your infusion is done, gradually pour the contents of your mason jars into your cheesecloth or micron bag, which should be sitting on top of the strainer. The liquid butter will go through the layers of filtration into the saucepan. Any butter which runs easily through the filter should be collected and put aside. This first run of butter is going to taste the very best and need to be reserved for sauces and more delicately flavoured baking (think shortbread).

Switching in your second pan you can now gently push the wet plant matter against the filter. I like to utilize a silicone spatula to do this pushing because it enables a more gentle pressure. You will observe a much darker coloured butter from this method. This infused butter will taste a little more “weedy and dank”, and it is best used in something with a more powerful flavour, like chocolate or cheese.

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4. Analysis, product packaging, and storage.
Once I have filtered my butter, my next step is analysis. I take little samples from both runs of butter and use my TCheck Uv Spectrometer, which offers me a reasonably precise representation of the cannabinoid content of the butter

I then use a food syringe to ration 15-milligram portions of liquid butter and thoroughly give the butter into specific cavities of my silicone molds. This offers a precisely portioned and dosed butter crown. When the molds are filled, put them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to tighten. As soon as company, pop the butter pates out of the mold.

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