How To Infuse Butter With Cannabis effortlessly with levo

Wondering how to infuse butter with cannabis easily? Use this simple recipe to effortlessly combine butter with cannabis.

Ready to learn how to infuse butter with cannabis? Let’s go! As any chef will tell you, ingredients matter. Whether you’re using a stash rediscovered during your 10-year high school reunion (which imparts a soporific effect) or high-quality weed, it will have an impact on the potency and flavor of the final cannabutter.

Most edibles traditionally use cannabutter made with trim or shake, which are the leaves trimmed from the cannabis flowers after harvesting. However, trim and shake have more plant matter, which means they have more chlorophyll; more chlorophyll equals more bitterness in the final product.

Image of How To Infuse Butter With Herbs


  • Fresh or coarsely ground dried herbs
  • 16 oz (four sticks) of butter


  1. Pack the herb pod using fresh or coarsely ground dried herbs. Too finely ground and your herb will seep through into your infusion, so grind just enough to increase surface area.
  2. With the reservoir and stirrer correctly installed inside the LEVO unit, place the herb pod inside the reservoir.
  3. Slice 16 oz (four sticks) of butter into large pieces so they fit nicely into the reservoir.
  4. Place the butter into your reservoir and close the lid.
  5. Set your LEVO to 160-175°F and infuse for 30-120 minutes, depending on your herb choice. Use the time and temperature calculator to be precise.
  6. While the butter is still warm, dispense your infusion into an airtight container, such as a reusable glass jar. Use your Herb Press to strain as efficiently as possible and ensure you get every last drop of the infusion.
  7. Store your infused butter in the refrigerator. Or, make it last longer and keep your infusions organized and accessible by pouring them into freezer-safe Herb Blocks.
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Recipe Note

*Make sure to use the Activate cycle prior to infusing butter with cannabis!

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